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Warning: Arch-based distributions are not supported by the Arch community or developers. See Code of conduct#Arch Linux distribution support *only*

This is a listing of Linux distributions which are derived from Arch Linux either in whole or in part. This page is here to serve as a useful reference; for a detailed comparison, see w:Comparison of Linux distributions.


Actively developed Arch derived Linux distributions.


The following distributions include a pre-installed Desktop environment.



Linux distributions that were influenced by Arch Linux.


There have been many Arch based distributions created over the years. As Arch Linux has grown, so has the number of projects derived from it. These distributions are no longer being actively developed, but show some of the history surrounding Arch Linux and the greater FOSS community.

Name Last Release Default DE/WM Target Audience
Tux Hat Linux 2015 Fluxbox
Arch Linux MIPS 2014 none MIPS CPU support
Mesk Linux 2014 OpenRC with Arabic localization
CDN Linux 2013 For servers and routers, polish support
Arch Linux PPC 2012 none PowerPC CPU support
ArchServer 2012 none server
ConnochaetOS 2012 libre only with old hardware support
Kahel OS 2012 GNOME desktop with Filipino language support
LDR 2012 Desktop
Nosonja 2012 Xfce Desktop for beginners
Archlive 2011 live cd with Chinese language support
CTKArch 2011 Openbox live cd, french and english
Elegance 2011 Openbox Desktop
LinuX-gamers 2011 live system, gaming
ArchPwn 2010 live system, pentesting
Chaox 2010 live cd, pentesting, forensics
uArch 2010 router, cellphone
UKnow4Kids 2010 Openbox live cd, children
Uzume Linux 2010 Desktop, beginner
archlive-i586 2009 counterpart distribution
Firefly Linux 2009 LXDE Desktop, netbooks
Shift Linux 2009 Desktop
Maryan Linux 2 2009 e17 Desktop
Arch Linux Modified 2008 Desktop, beginner
Archie 2008 live system
FaunOS 2008 live system
March Linux 2007 Fluxbox Desktop
Aegis Project 2006 GIS toolkit
Lowarch 2006 Desktop
Minimax 2006 live system
Underground Desktop 2005 KDE Desktop
Arch Linux Embedded Project 2004