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Notes: Most content is up for removal (Discuss in Talk:Aura#)

Aura is a multilingual package manager for Arch Linux written in Haskell. It connects to both the ABS and Arch User Repository. Aura caches built package files, so they can be managed like any ABS package would. This includes downgrading with -C.

See the README and documentation for general information.


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Binary Package

The easiest way to install aura without having to worry about Haskell dependencies is via the prebuilt AUR binary package: aura-binAUR.

Note: At the moment this only works for 64 bit architectures.

Source Package

The auraAUR source package requires Haskell packages which may be not available in the official repositories or AUR. All of Aura's dependencies are however available in the haskell-core repository. See ArchHaskell#haskell-core on how to add haskell-core as a repository.

Tips and tricks

Auto-prompt for sudo

Aura will not prompt for elevated privileges by default. If you'd like it do so (like some other AUR helpers) you can write a function to elevate aura with sudo when needed:

function a() {
  if ! LC_MESSAGES=C aura "$@" > >(tee aura.out); then
    egrep -q '^aura >>=.+sudo.+' aura.out && sudo aura "$@"

See [1].


See GitHub issues for known problems.

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