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A tool was written to check the integrity of official pkgbuilds (core, extra and community repository):

This tool is run automatically every Friday and the results for core and extra are sent to the arch-dev-public ML, while the results for community are sent to the aur-general ML.

Example of the run on March 13th :

The purpose of this page is to maintain a list of the currently reported problems, with links to the Arch Linux Bugtracker. This will help to detect the new problems which need to be reported.

Bug Reports


  • extra/archboot - missing dependencies seem to be a feature

NOTE : PKGBUILDs calling pacman -Q

The following PKGBUILDs call pacman -Q, so the result depends on the system where the PKGBUILD is parsed:

find /var/abs -name PKGBUILD | xargs grep 'pacman.*-Q' | sed 's#/var/abs/# #'

 community/sk1/PKGBUILD:  local _tclver=`pacman -Q tcl`
 community/open-vm-tools-modules/PKGBUILD:_kernver=`pacman -Q kernel26 | cut -d . -f 3 | cut -f 1 -d -`
 community/openmotif/PKGBUILD:_automakever=`pacman -Q automake | cut -f 2 -d \  | cut -f 1 -d -`
 community/qc-usb-messenger/PKGBUILD:_kernver=`pacman -Q kernel26 | cut -d . -f 3 | cut -f 1 -d -`
 community/cdfs/PKGBUILD:_kernver=`pacman -Q kernel26 | cut -d . -f 3 | cut -f 1 -d -`
 community/selinux-pam/PKGBUILD:provides=("pam=`pacman -Q pam | cut -f 2 -d \  | cut -f 1 -d -`")
 community/whitebox/PKGBUILD:  _automake_ver=`pacman -Q automake | cut -f 2 -d \  | cut -f 1 -d -`
 extra/kde-meta/PKGBUILD:              for j in $(pacman -Qgq ${_metaname} | sort -u); do
 extra/sbackup/PKGBUILD:  sed -i -e "s/dpkg --get-selections/pacman -Q/"