Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe v2

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There is not much information about the EyeTV DTT Deluxe v2 on the web so here we go.


Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0fd9:002c Elgato Systems GmbH EyeTV DTT Deluxe v2


Install linuxtv-dvb-apps using pacman

pacman -S linuxtv-dvb-apps

Download the firmware and copy the files to /lib/firmware

wget http://kernellabs.com/firmware/as102/as102_data1_st.hex
wget http://kernellabs.com/firmware/as102/as102_data2_st.hex
sudo mv as102_data* /usr/lib/firmware 
sudo chmod 644 /usr/lib/firmware/as102_data*

Now you can plug it in and you are ready to go.


[  484.336751] usb 2-1: new high-speed USB device number 5 using ehci_hcd
[  484.804400] dvb_as102: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
[  484.804853] as10x_usb: device has been detected
[  484.804865] DVB: registering new adapter (Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe)
[  484.805121] DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe)...
[  484.964484] as10x_usb: fimrware: as102_data1_st.hex loaded with success
[  485.199985] as10x_usb: fimrware: as102_data2_st.hex loaded with success
[  485.200015] usbcore: registered new interface driver Abilis Systems as10x usb driver

More info on DVB-T can be found on the DVB-S page. Do something like.

pacman -S vlc
scan /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t/de-Nordrhein-Westfalen |tee channels.conf
vlc channels.conf 

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