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Emby is a personal media server, which has clients for many platforms. It is used to organize personal home media, as well as play back on other devices. There are a large amount of channels that are supported by the community, and can even be used with PVR and Tuner cards to provide TV streaming remotely.


Install the emby-server package.


Enable and start emby-server.service.

Access Emby through the browser by navigating to http://localhost:8096/

Write Permissions

Emby runs under the user and user group emby using systemd's DynamicUser feature. By default, Emby will have at most read permissions to your media files thanks to systemd's filesystem abstraction.

Optionally you might want to give emby write permissions and enable media deletion or local metadata saving. To do that you can extend the systemd service:


This will add the emby user to the share group, and enable write permission to the /mnt/share directory through systemd. Note that you still need to make sure the share group has write permissions to the actual directory.