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F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System) is a file system intended for NAND-based flash memory. It is supported from kernel 3.8 onwards.

Creating a F2FS partition

In order to create a F2FS partition, install f2fs-tools from the official repositories.

Create the partition:

# mkfs.f2fs -l mylabel /dev/sdxY

where /dev/sdxY is the target volume to format in F2FS.

Mounting a F2FS partition

Users will likely need to manually load the F2FS kernel module before mounting. Issue as root:

# modprobe f2fs

The partition can then be mounted:

# mount -t f2fs /dev/sdxY /mnt

Install Arch Linux on F2FS partition

With the latest installation media it is possible to install Arch linux with root located on a F2FS filesystem:

  1. Create the root partition as F2FS as described in section #Creating a F2FS partition.
  2. Create a separate /boot partition as ext2, or any other filesystem supported by the bootloader.
  3. Continue with the installation procedure as per Beginners' guide#Mount the partitions until chrooted.
  4. Install f2fs-tools on the newly installed system as well.
  5. Regenerate the initramfs while chrooted.

It is no longer necessary to modify /etc/mkinitpcio.conf, as the filesystems hook adds the f2fs module to the initramfs image.