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Guild Wars 2 is a game developed by ArenaNet and published by NC Soft. Currently a native client is only available for Windows and Mac systems. It is runnable through wine though.


Install wine or wine-staging and mpg123. Download the GW2 32-bit or 64-bit client (see 64-bit FAQ for differences) and run it like this:

wine ./Gw2.exe


wine ./Gw2-64.exe

It is recommended to use wine-staging with Wine#CSMT patch for optimal performance.

Radeon gpu users

In case the default xf86-video-ati driver does yield low fps you can try catalyst drivers. For installation instructions see AMD Catalyst. (On HD6670 catalyst drivers give higher fps - 40-50 in open-world and there are no graphical glitches) .

  • When in game, its a good idea to start tweaking graphical settings from medium/low for each setting until you find optimal settings that give you playable fps.
  • Warning: Enabling Vsync causes the game to lock max fps at 30, enable this feature at your own risk.

Known issues

Patcher/launcher window is invisible/flickering

Run it with -dx9single like so:

wine ./Gw2.exe -dx9single


wine ./Gw2-64.exe -dx9single

if use a 64bit client

Patcher/launcher crashes with assertion failed on "m_ioCount"

related: Wine bug 30511

The best known "fix" for this is to just let it crash and restart it, it should continue on where it left off. Some people reports that the installer crashes when approximately 1 GB has been downloaded but some other people reports crashes every few minutes. This however is rarely a problem when installing patches and only the initial installation poses a challenge, reason why some people just copy the Gw2 installation directory or the Gw2.dat from a Windows installation into the GW2 installation directory in Linux (/wineprefix/GuildWars2/drive_c/Program Files/ArenaNet/Guild Wars 2/) when installing the game.

The percent of the download resets every time the launcher is started, but the amount that has already downloaded is not accounted into this number; just what remains is. The best number correlates with the total download progress is the Files Remaining.

If you have only one file remaining, switch to a language other than english or spanish, let it download that information, and then switch back to English.