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The Heirloom project maintains classical UNIX tools and utilities for modern open source operating systems.

Utilities provided by the corresponding packages are installed into /usr/heirloom/bin/ and /usr/heirloom/lib/. Some POSIX utilities are additionally provided in /usr/heirloom/bin/posix/.

Name Packages Notes
Toolchest heirloom-cvsAUR Classical UNIX binaries corresponding to GNU coreutils, diffutils, tar and more, organized according to the different UNIX releases.
Bourne shell heirloom-shAUR, heirloom-sh-cvsAUR
Development tools heirloom-devtools-cvsAUR Tools like yacc, lex, m4, make, and sccs. This package, together with the Bourne shell, forms a foundation for the rest of the Heirloom packages. Using the classical devtools ensures consistent behavior, independent of any changes made to the corresponding GNU tools.
Documentation tools heirloom-doctoolsAUR, heirloom-doctools-cvsAUR, heirloom-doctools-gitAUR An alternative to groff.
mailx heirloom-mailx-cvsAUR
Packaging tools heirloom-pkgtools-cvsAUR A port of Sun SVR4's package management system, which was released as open source with OpenSolaris.