Lenovo ThinkPad T550

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Use the Installation guide.



The following kernel options are needed for ACPI/Backlight:

acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor video.use_native_backlight=1

Fn Keys

Function/Fn keys do not work without the FnLock on. To enable the FnLock, press Fn+Esc. The green light on the Fn key should turn on. Now you can use the Fn key like normal (i.e., with FnLock on Fn+F1 would equate to a XF86AudioMute to be handled by X/WM/whathaveyou).


Add the following kernel parameter in order to combat freeze/panic after suspend-to-ram:


Video Drivers

Follow Intel graphics for installing the GPU driver. The T550 suffers from Intel graphics#Loss of horizontal sync when switching TTYs[broken link: invalid section], but changing the Graphics Acceleration to UXA fixes it.


DisplayPort Extenders

The T550 is only able to drive three displays at once. If you are using a one-to-three DisplayPort adapter, you will need to disable the laptop display (xrandr --output eDP1 --off) in order to use three external displays. Expect a heavy delay (1-2 seconds) while adjusting displays via DisplayPort with xrandr.


Enabling "Always-On USB" in the BIOS seems to make the forward-most USB port on the right side of the laptop (the 'Charging Port') unusable in Linux - disabling this feature in BIOS re-enables the port.