Lenovo ThinkPad T570

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Use the Installation guide. Make sure that Secure Boot is disable in BIOS Setup.


BIOS Update

Install this BIOS update (or a newer one) to fix a serious bug concerning hyperthreading and issues with thunderbolt [1] [2] , which can affect you even if you don't use thunderbolt. [3] See Flashing BIOS from Linux for details on how to install the BIOS without an optical drive; the geteltoritoAUR method is known to work on the T570.

Note: before flashing, you have to disable the Intel BIOS guard or risk bricking your laptop. If you corrupt your BIOS, you can fix it by flashing a working ROM directly into the EEPROM chip either with a Raspberry Pi or a specialized programming device.


Until bbswitch is updated to support the new power management method, add pcie_port_pm=off to your kernel parameters.


If you have a very weak bluetooth signal when using wifi, make sure you have a recent linux-firmware. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1721271 for more information.