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The GS series of MSI laptops is considered to be a thin gaming laptop. Although it is not thin as ultrabooks, it is still very thin for a gaming laptop. As of October 5th 2017, the 2016 model works fine with the latest kernel. The 2017 model has a bug concerning the eDP LCD display. There is a fix from intel here:

This issue was discussed in this thread:

As of 2018, the patch is now part of the mainstream kernel. Intel driver (i915) works, but without power management. It is only possible to run a graphical environment with the nvidia card ON. In order to get the maximum performance out of this notebook, it is recommended to use nvidia-xrun. Bumblebee is not working on the 2017 model.

Device GS63 (2016) GS63 (2017) GS73 (2016)
Display -- Full HD 120Hz/3ms --
Intel IGU Yes Yes i915  ??
Nvidia GPU Yes Yes nvidia  ??
Network Yes Yes  ??
Atheros Wireless Yes Yes  ??
ALSA Yes Yes  ??
Touchpad Manual Yes  ??
Webcam Yes Yes  ??
Card Reader Yes mmc warning  ??
Power management Yes No  ??


Standard installation works per the Installation guide using Systemd-boot when the laptop is in UEFI mode.



It is possible to use Bumblebee to make the Nvidia GPU in this laptop usable. In order to avoid issues caused by the BIOS in the GS63VR when using bbswitch, add acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2009" to the kernel options at boot (per NVIDIA Optimus#Lockup issue (lspci hangs)).

For HDMI/DP ouput: Bumblebee#Output wired to the NVIDIA chip.


This laptop uses an Elantech touchpad, and as such libinput works well.

Note* As of 2017.04.18, some multitouch aspects of the touchpad do not seem to be working (two finger scroll, for instance). This bug has been reported here.



NetworkManager works out of the box for wifi on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.


The headphone jack always acts as SPDIF out and subsequently has no volume control and does not mute the speakers when a device is plugged in. Link to a description of the issue on the ALSA mailing list.

As a workaround it is possible to reassign a microphone input jack using hdajackretask to behave as an audio output.

SteelSeries Keyboard

To set color to Steel Series Keyboard use MSIKLM



To access the BIOS, from a cold shutdown, repeatedly press the delete key immediately after pressing the power button.