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Music On Console is a lightweight music player similar to MPD, but unlike it, MOC comes with an interface and its server does not support remote access.


Install the moc package. The latest development version is available as moc-svnAUR. For PulseAudio support install moc-pulseAUR or moc-pulse-svnAUR for the development version.


  • mocicon — GTK panel applet to control MOC || mociconAUR
  • moc-tray — Quick and easy access to mocp basic functions || moc-tray[broken link: package not found]
  • eXo — Qt frontend to MOC, supports scrobbling || not packaged? search in AUR


Sample configuration files can be found in /usr/share/doc/moc/. On mocp first run the local ~/.moc/ directory is created. To configure, copy the examples to it and edit accordingly.

Themes are stored in /usr/share/moc/themes and can be set in ~/.moc/config. See /usr/share/moc/themes/example_theme for more.

To change the default key bindings, see /usr/share/doc/moc/keymap.example.

If you want to use Moc with OSS v4.1, see OSS#MOC.

Lynx like navigation

To change directories with the arrow keys uncomment in ~/.moc/config:

Keymap = keymap

Edit the following in ~/.moc/keymap:

go_up = U LEFT
#seek_forward  = RIGHT
#seek_backward = LEFT

systemd service file

Enable this service for the respective user:

Description=MOC server

ExecStart=/usr/bin/mocp -S
ExecStop=/usr/bin/mocp -x



Run mocp to start the server and interface. Some useful default shortcuts (press h for more):

Start playing at this file or go to this directory Enter
Pause Space or p
Play next file n
Play previous file b
Silent seek forward by 5s ]
Silent seek backward by 5s [
Switch between playlist and file list Tab
Add a file/directory to the playlist a
Add a directory recursively to the playlist A
Delete an item from the playlist d
Clear the playlist C
Increase volume by 1% >
Decrease volume by 1% <
Increase volume by 5% . (dot)
Decrease volume by 5% , (comma)
Set volume to 10% Alt+1
Set volume to 90% Alt+9
Detach MOC from the server q
Quit Q

To shut down the server, press Shift+q or run the mocp -x command.


mocp-scrobblerAUR is a (and scrobbler for MOC with support for now-playing notifications, daemonization and cache. It only depends on Python 3.

Note: To use instead of change hostname from to

Copy the example file to your user config directory:

mkdir ~/.mocpscrob/
cp /usr/share/doc/mocp-scrobbler/config.example  ~/.mocpscrob/config

Edit ~/.mocpscrob/config to add your login and password. The password variable will be replaced with password_md5 on the first run. Its value will be the original value hashed using MD5 algorithm. If you want to change password, just add again password with you new password, and password_md5 will be replaced.

To scrobble tracks, start mocp-scrobbler as daemon before mocp. You can also use an alias:

alias mocp='/usr/bin/ -d; mocp'

In January of 2016 updated their password requirements, with all new and updated passwords requiring the inclusion of one of the following characters !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~, or a space. This is known to cause an authentication error with mocpscrob configurations which specify passwords not conforming to these new specifications. Changing one's password and updating the ~/.mocpscrob/config password accordingly resolves this issue.


MOC fails to start

If MOC fails to start, it is most probably because of something wrong in ~/.moc/. You can try to fix it, or simply delete the whole folder.

Strange characters

If you see strange-like characters displayed in moc instead of the normal lines (vertical lines to separate space, etc.), you may have a font set incompatible to MOC. Either change the respective font, or edit .moc/config to use ASCII for drawing lines:

ASCIILines = no

FATAL_ERROR: Layout1 is malformed

If MOC crashes with this error, try adding either line to .moc/config:

Layout1 = directory(0,0,50%,100%): playlist(50%,0,100%,100%)


Layout1 = directory(0,0,50%,100%): playlist(50%,0,FILL,100%)

See original report and Debian bugs.

See also