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Nix is a purely functional package manager.

See the Nix Package Manager Guide for information.


Nix is available in the AUR as nixAUR.


In order to use Nix for the first time, you need to add a channel. But before, you need to address some permission issues.

Nix is by default installed in the /nix folder. If using Nix with an unprivileged account is desired, run

sudo chown -R $USER. /nix/var/nix/{gcroots,profiles}

Then, in order to add and update channels, run the following commands:

nix-channel --add
nix-channel --update
nix-env -u

If only using unprivileged Nix access, run to silence "warning: Nix search path entry '...' does not exist, ignoring":

sudo nix-channel --update

Using archlinux-nix

archlinux-nixAUR can be used to 'bootstrap' an archlinux compatible nix system setting up required groups and permissions.

After installing nixAUR, which should install archlinux-nixAUR, to see available commands run:


To bootstrap a system, run:

 archlinux-nix bootstrap

To setup build groups run:

 archlinux-nix setup-build-group