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Nix is a purely functional package manager.

See the Nix Package Manager Guide for information.


Nix is available in the AUR as nixAUR.


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In order to use Nix for the first time, you need to add a channel. But before, you need to address some permission issues.

Nix is by default installed in the /nix folder. If using Nix with an unprivileged account is desired, run

sudo chown -R $USER. /nix/var/nix/{gcroots,profiles}

Then, in order to add and update channels, run the following commands:

nix-channel --add
nix-channel --update
nix-env -u

If only using unprivileged Nix access, run to silence "warning: Nix search path entry '...' does not exist, ignoring":

sudo nix-channel --update

Using archlinux-nix

archlinux-nixAUR can be used to 'bootstrap' an archlinux compatible nix system setting up required groups and permissions.

After installing nixAUR, which should install archlinux-nixAUR, to see available commands run:


To bootstrap a system, run:

 archlinux-nix bootstrap

To setup build groups run:

 archlinux-nix setup-build-group