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Openresolv is a resolvconf implementation, i.e. a resolv.conf management framework.


Install the openresolv package.


Openresolv provides resolvconf(8) and is configured in /etc/resolvconf.conf. See resolvconf.conf(5) for supported options.

Running resolvconf -u will generate /etc/resolv.conf.

Openresolv can additionally be configured to pass DNS server addresses to unbound, dnsmasq, BIND and pdnsd resolvers. See the official documentation for instructions.

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Stand-alone DHCP clients:

  • dhcpcd has a hook which uses resolvconf if it is installed.

Network managers:

VPN clients:

Tips and tricks

Defining multiple values for options

The man page does not mention it, but to define multiple values, for options that support it (e.g. name-servers, resolv_conf_options etc.) in /etc/resolvconf.conf, you need to write them space separated inside quotes. E.g.:

resolv_conf_options="edns0 single-request"