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Reason: Links to questionable, outdated third-party resource for installation instructions (yaourt, pacman -Sy, etc.) (Discuss in Talk:Ros#)

ROS is an open-source, meta-operating system for your robot. It provides the services you would expect from an operating system, including hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management.

Installation Instructions


Kinetic packages on the AUR are a work in progress. There are some issues regarding opencv3 that have not been fully resolved yet. That said, installing a metapackage such as ros-kinetic-ros-coreAUR or ros-kinetic-robotAUR should bring in all required dependencies. Beware of AUR helpers, some cannot navigate the highly complex dependency trees that ROS generates.

Packages are being added on an as-needed basis. Please send package requests to <aur AT seangreenslade DOT com>, and post any issues with the current packages in their respective AUR comments section.

Note that catkin uses python2, and therefore catkin_make may fail unless it it explicitly pointed to the python2 install. To do so, add the following alias to your .bashrc (or equivalent):

alias catkin_make="catkin_make -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/python2 -DPYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/python2.7 -DPYTHON_LIBRARY=/usr/lib/"


For ROS Jade, see Installation Instructions for jade in Arch Linux.

Note: If using gcc in version 6.x or above, log4cxx 0.10 (one of dependencies) will not build. Use SVN version (log4cxx-svnAUR in aur) until 0.11 is released.


For ROS Indigo, see Installation Instructions for Indigo in Arch Linux.

Rebuild when Boost is updated

When you update a library that ROS depends on, e.g. Boost, then you need to rebuild all the packages that link to it. You can determine which ROS packages depend on Boost with a command similar to the one below.

export LANG=C;pacman -Qi boost | grep "Required By" | tr " " "\n" | grep -e "^ros"