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Rygel is a streaming media server compatible with many DLNA/UPnP clients including the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, smart televisions, DLNA speakers and many smartphones. Rygel will automatically transcode media to a format compatible with the client device. It can also utilise published media hierarchies from external applications like Rhythmbox and DVB Daemon through the D-Bus MediaServer specification. It is under active development and is a part of the GNOME project.


Install the rygel package.


After having installed Rygel on a GNOME environment, the "Share media" option will be available along the Sharing settings.

Rygel can be configured globally (/etc/rygel.conf) or per-user ($HOME/.config/rygel.conf). The default /etc/rygel.conf is well documented.

More information on these and other configuration options can be found with man rygel.conf.


When starting Rygel from the command line, there are several options that might help you troubleshoot any strange behaviour. Find out more about these options with man rygel.

-g, --log-level=LIST
Comma-separated list of of DOMAIN:LEVEL pairs. DOMAIN can be "*", "rygel" or the name of a plugin. Levels are 1 for critical, 2 for error, 3 for warning, 4 for info and 5 for debug.
-d, --disable-plugin=PLUGIN
Disable PLUGIN
-t, --disable-transcoding
Disable transcoding.
-c, --config=CONFIG_FILE
Load the specified config file instead of /etc/rygel.conf or $HOME/.config/rygel.conf