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  • ...and allow for different attributes, such as compression, to be applied per dataset. Normal ZFS datasets are mounted automatically by ZFS whilst legacy dataset ...irectories of the software you want to run are separated out from the root dataset.
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  • ...large amounts of data, by separating by datasets, its easier to destroy a dataset than to try and wait for recursive file removal to complete. ...nd snapshot it. Snapshots can be taken either of the entire zpool or of a dataset within the pool. They differ only in their naming conventions:
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  • ...owiki>=</nowiki><root dataset>}} к строке {{ic|options}}. Здесь в корневом dataset установлено значение 'zroot/ROOT/default': ...c|bootfs}} property set with {{ic| zpool set bootfs<nowiki>=</nowiki><root dataset> <zpool>}}.
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  • {{Note| To reset a property of a pool and/or dataset to it's default state, use {{ic|zfs inherit}}: # zfs inherit -rS atime <pool>/<dataset>
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  • ...emd]]'s automatic tmpfs-backed /tmp, else ZFS will be unable to mount your dataset at boot-time or import-time: ...a directory of the same name must not pre-exist in the zpool. To create a dataset, use:
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