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  • === Use With hardened_malloc === ...LD_PRELOAD. The proper way to launch an application within firejail using hardened_malloc is demonstrated below. To make it permanent, you'd need to create your own
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  • ...ed_malloc hardened_malloc] ({{AUR|hardened_malloc}}) es su versión segura. hardened_malloc lo empezó a desarrollar Daniel Micay (desarrollador de GrapheneOS) en las ...solo falla con algunas aplicaciones, como por ejemplo con {{ic|man}}. Como hardened_malloc penaliza el rendimiento es conveniente su uso en las aplicaciones que lo re
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  • [ hardened_malloc] ({{AUR|hardened_malloc}}, {{AUR|hardened-malloc-git}}) is a hardened replacement for [[Wikipedia:G ...his can be easily fixed by rebuilding it with the system call added. Since hardened_malloc has a performance cost, you may want to decide which implementation to use
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  • [ hardened_malloc] ({{AUR|hardened_malloc}}, {{AUR|hardened-malloc-git}}) é um substituto para o malloc() da [[Wikip ...rtado ao compilar novamente com a chamada de sistema adicionada. Desde que hardened_malloc tem impacto no desempenho, você pode decidir que implementação usar de c
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