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  • ...make it executable and run it. You need to install {{AUR|mprime}} or {{AUR|mprime-bin}} first (it is used to check that the CPU is stable). This script has n that your undervolted CPU is stable, you can run long sessions of {{AUR|mprime}} and/or {{AUR|linpack}} (Intel-only).
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  • | ''mprime'' || {{AUR|mprime-bin}} factors large numbers and is an excellent way to stress CPU and memor a V<sub>CORE</sub> of +0.005 in offset mode remains stable with both [[#MPrime]] and [[#Linpack]] for hours, but throws errors under both x264 and gcc aft
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  • Use {{AUR|mprime}} to test the stability of your computer.
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  • ...[[lm_sensors]] and do some [[stress testing]] (with {{ic|stress}} and {{ic|mprime}}) to see what's happening with CPU core temperatures and fanspeed under di
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