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I don't know how best to raise this, I hope I'm not stepping out of line. I haven't done much wiki editing.

This article points you to a page at "" if you desire a more complex setup. However that page begins by telling you how to go about incorporating sasl into postfix on an arch system because it doesn't have it. I started reading through that, and saw a link on that page sent you back to the "mainstream" arch wiki where this article "" says postfix IS compiled for sasl support.

I don't want to stomp over someone else's hard work. I know EXACTLY how hard it is to write this stuff and how little thanks you get - I used to do it for a living !! I just wanted to leave a comment here explaining the above.

That's exactly why external howtos shouldn't be linked at all here, at least not the very specific ones mentioning version numbers and so on. It's already hard enough to keep up-to-date with just the wiki content, there's no way one could also watch all links and incorporate fixes in the articles mentioning them.

The current Postfix package in Arch is compiled with Cyrus SASL support, as you'll see from the dependencies when running pacman -Si postfix.

--byte 11:03, 13 December 2007 (EST)