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Mentions FTL in the abstract

I'd like to modify the abstract of F2FS to "(Flash-Friendly File System) is a file system intended for NAND-based flash memories that includes a Flash Translation Layer(FTL)." but knows that it's inaccurate in grammar, please help me to mention it in the context. Vdragon (talk) 09:17, 9 October 2016 (UTC)

Adding warning about F2FS potentially being unsafe?

I know F2FS is probably less popular choice than Btrfs (and other systems) for Arch install, but given than btrfs justfully have warnings listed on its page about it's stability, especially in certain circumstances and I had my filesystem become corrupted beyond repair on btrfs before, I think F2FS should be mentioned to have its issues. I recently started fiddling with F2FS on my Arch install, and I had it not only corrupt the file system, but also become impossible to mount with can't find valid checkpoint error, dropping me to emergency shell in initramfs. This happens when I uncleanly shut down the system when the rootfs was mounted and it seems that fsck.f2fs corrupted it even further in subsequent boot (and both -a and -f options aren't helping either). Luckily, I didn't lost any valuable data, but it seems that other were not so lucky with this filesystem, having the same error and losing their data [1], especially when using encryption [2][3]. With that in mind, wouldn't it be good to note that in wiki with possibly a visible warning at the beginning? Not sure if the issue wouldn't be there with 4.15 kernel, but I certainly wouldn't consider the file system 100% safe for regular use, especially in comparison to btrfs that is still hinted as such. Faalagorn / 13:47, 30 January 2018 (UTC)