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Suggestions For Clarity

Overview Hi everyone. Would like to discuss this section for PIA VPN. 'Setting PIA DNS'. The way this section is written could be confusing in it's current form. Having experienced an issue with DNS not resolving on multiple machines now with PIA (utilizing the GUI official app) and the manual OpenVPN processes this section is very important as it does ultimately resolve the problem but in it's current for is leaving out some level of clarification to the user. I'm hoping we can discuss ways to improve the instructions to be more clear. Thank you for your time and expertise.

Current Dispute There is a valid dispute open on an update: Reason: Using resolvconf after editing /etc/resolv.conf makes no sense. If openresolv is used then the nameservers should be set in /etc/resolvconf.conf, and /etc/resolv.conf should not be manually edited.

Potential concerns:

  • If /etc/resolvconf.conf should not be used why is it not mentioned in this article instead of the current iteration discussing the editing of /etc/resolv.conf?
  • The symbolic link suggestion also doesn't seem to be well explained as to why you would create it and then remove it in the next step.
  • When editing /etc/resolv.conf without running a sudo resolvconf -u the changes does not take effect. Another option would be to instruct a reboot, however, that does not always trigger the changes to take effect in my experience. The other option is to suggest using resolvconf with the -a or -d option by triggering an ifdown and ifup to set the changes.

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