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Force DNS cache persistence?

I've noticed that the DNS cache expires very quickly (less than 60 seconds) for many domains thereby defeating the purpose of caching it in the first place. Is there a way to force entries to last longer? Neounk (talk) 01:30, 31 March 2013 (UTC)

Dnsmasq and Pidgin/Gtalk

Using dnsmasq for dns caching seems to break gtalk on pidgin. Editing /etc/dhcpcd.conf and adding option 'domainneed' '1' solves the issue on my machine.

if others verify the issue and fix, maybe consider for addition to the wiki?

LiamMcCalloway (talk) 01:10, 11 June 2013 (UTC) Liam

Usage with libvirt

Network-manager think if there is one running libvirt that he run this before. To fix conflicts between other dnsmasq, eg: used in libvirt, you must run it externally.

We do not want change our resolv.conf automaticly.


We put it manually here.


The interface to bind and bind it even if there is second dnsmasq runned on computer.


This start service if interface is up. This service can start only once before stop which will be initiate by systemd on restart/shutdown.

if [ -n "$2" ] && [ "$2" = "up" ]; then # $INTERFACE is up
	systemctl start NetworkManager-dnsmasq.service

Systemd service.

Description=A lightweight DHCP and caching DNS server

ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/dnsmasq --test
ExecStart=/usr/bin/dnsmasq -k --enable-dbus --user=dnsmasq --pid-file --conf-dir=/etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d/
ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID

00:03, 25 March 2016‎ 3ED