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The installation won't work anymore, you can however download my fixed version from (feel free to mirror as i'm planning a reinstall of the server)...

NOTE: This is just a fix for the installtion part, working on the rest

How to procide: 1) wget 2) tar zxf tomcat_modjk.tar.gz 3) cd tomcat 4) makepkg 5) pacman -U tomcat-5.5.20-1.pkg.tar.gz 6) cd .. 7) cd mod_jk 8) makepkg 9) pacman -U mod_jk-1.2.19-2.pkg.tar.gz

Procede with the installation (this will result in tomcat beeing located in /opt/tomcat

GL HF ^^

Removed some old content


I removed some of the old installation procedures, since tomcat can be installed from pacman.

Trivial Regarding Installation

It might as very well be the user has already installed openjdk.

So, Java openjdk is not necessarily to be dismissed as is stated in the installation section. The reader could be directed to configuring for whatever java environment is already installed on their system (i. e. by figuring it out with pacman -Qs Java Environment).