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This is the user page for me, Axion. Here I will post my configuration files, scripts, screenshots, and other goodies by popular request.

Configuration Files


  • - A script for the uzbl web browser to disable flash and stream YouTube videos with mplayer instead. (Experimental)



Active Projects


This is a fork of a previous project of mine, BloodCurse, which was an attempt to make a console-style RPG with no prior Python experience. This project aims to be a dungeon exploration game with action similar to rogue-like games.

  • Homepage: crawlr
  • Completion status:


  • Written in Python using the Pygame library.

Inactive Projects


An abandoned project I started to teach myself Pygame. After a developer left the team, the project was abandoned. I wanted to work on a slightly different genre with more reasonable goals, so a rewrite/name change occured - crawlr.