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Name: David Clark

Handle: Latin for "I am of the deep," at least according to some translators.

Website: You can find me goofing off on FaceBook and elsewhere.


I cut my teeth on Gentoo sometime 2004-ish. From there, experimented with LFS, all the BSDs, SourceMage, HURD, and Plan9. Even made an attempt at a home-brew package manager based on union mounts and have played with other things like Minix3, Unununium, NixOS, and etc. Anyone remember DOS?

As a tinkerer, I've never really made any huge contribution to free software. Just little things here and there. Half the time, I'm still trying to figure things out. Perhaps, when I wrap up my military career, I'll get an easy contracting gig and have more time for tinkering. For now, Arch gives me the most balanced computing experience to suit the rest of my life.

Somethings I'd like to see in *nix in my lifetime:

  • Package Management and FHS leveraging Union Mounts/Binds (Plan 9 comes close)
  • A Tagging File System (No Directories, Lines between Database and File System blurred)
  • A kernel and userland developed--as much as reasonable--in some other language than C/C++; Would love to see what can be done today with Forth, Lisp/Scheme, and the other work horses, or even the whole host of other languages available today
  • And More! Too much crazy to put here in one sitting. :)