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Hi and welcome to my profile page. My name is Igor Popov and I'm from Galati, Romania. I'm a computer science student.

I'm a reasonably competent Linux user (or at least I consider myself).

the Linux story of my life

My Linux experience began with Kubuntu 9.04 (dual-boot with Windows). At those times I just experimented Linux, most of the time I was still using Windows. I left Linux for some time and then I installed Ubuntu 10.04 and used it till Ubuntu 11.04 appeared. I didn't like very much the Unity interface and I began experimenting with Arch (I knew it from reading on various blogs about open source and Linux). I'm still experimenting with it: trying various desktop managers and window managers. I like the fact that Arch has the pacman packet manager and I can install anything with it (I didn't yet encounter something I couldn't install with pacman or with yaourt). I also like the fact the I have all the time the bleeding edge packages. I doubt that there is more than one day till the latest packages make it to the official repositories (or to the AUR) and that's so awesome. Another thing that I like very much is that my Linux knowledge increased tenfold after using Arch for about 1 week (not continuously though). I now know the inner workings of my system and how various components are linked between them.

Most likely I will continue to use Arch although I still need to learn various tricks to configure my system (right now it's not entirely to my liking).