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Jump to navigation Jump to search,"$PHP_UNAME",[uname -a output])
  ext/standard/info.c:            php_uname = PHP_UNAME;

CCC discussions

  • Change rebuild builds, to be from "stable" repos only.
  • How do we provide rebuild sha's / repro script for users
  • Vary more build variables!
  • reproducible build on upload? To verify we don't have evil packagers!
  • Package disorderfs in [extra]
  • Fix all the packages!
  • Fails to build from source
  • Database for build status
  • Allow multiple people to schedule a rebuild?
  • Don't cleanup packages from the ARM archive which have a dependency in the BUILDINFO.
  • Apply fixes a plethora of issues

Arch Repro Meeting

  • UTF-8 failures with Python, explictly export LANG=en_US-UTF-8?
  • Package disorderfs
  • Pacman git
  • Reproducible build script progress, known issues?!