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This is Da Schneib's user page. Welcome!

I am currently running Arch x64 on a Gateway MP8708 with an upgraded SATA disk of 250GB. I've been running it since November '08, and every single thing I've done has Just Worked. It's a most impressive distro.

Significant features:

Gnome with full Compiz

Sound works fine, had to obtain several players and codecs to play everything

Started with the branded FireFox, but after update hassles backed down to the standard one ("Gran Paradiso")

Wireless with NetworkManager

The F-Prot virus scanner, I put it in /opt and installed with their installer. Since it's not modifying system features, the only thing I have to manage is the crontab entry for the signature updater.

Gnome-RDP works great with my Vista laptop, my iMac, my SuSE server, and my various Win2k3 and XP virtual machines

Next projects:

Get an old Dell XPS R400 running with a smaller display manager to save memory; eventual goal is to have a DNS server, web server, and mail server running on it

Move all my email off Windows- I have massive local mail files, I want all this stuff on Linux in an imaps server with subdirectories (which imapd doesn't do by default)