ASUS Eee PC 1201T

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Ethernet Yes
Wireless Yes
Audio Yes
Webcam Yes
Card reader Yes
Touchpad Yes

The ASUS Eee PC 1201T is a 12.1" laptop.

Function keys

First, make sure the ACPI is working properly. The kernel module "buttons" gives the kernel access to lid closure and power button events. To have access to the function key events, you need to load the kernel module eeepc_laptop. Try running acpi_listen and pressing Fn+F10, Fn+F11, etc. to see whether the function keys are detected. Then install acpi-eeepc-generic package from the AUR. Go to /etc/acpi/eeepc/models/ and copy acpi-eeepc-1000HE-events.conf into acpi-eeepc-1201T-events.conf. You might want to modify the events slightly. For example, instead of EEEPC_SCREEN_OFF=$KEY_Fn_F7 (which toggles bluetooth for some reason) use EEEPC_BLANK=$KEY_Fn_F7 and make sure package xorg-xset is installed. Also, the event code for Fn_F9 is 37, not 12, but it is supposed to toggle the touchpad anyway.

Finally, edit /etc/conf.d/acpi-eeepc-generic.conf, following the directions inside. Use "r8192se_pci" for WIFI_DRIVERS, pm-suspend for SUSPEND2RAM_COMMANDS, and 1201T for EEEPC_MODEL, not forgetting to put in "yes" for EEEPC_CONF_DONE.

Replace the line which says COMMANDS_SCREEN_OFF=("${COMMANDS_BLUETOOTH_TOGGLE[@]}") with COMMANDS_SCREEN_OFF=("@xset dpms force off")

This will allow to turn the screen off with Fn+F7.

This configuration will allow using the blue function buttons to change volume, change/turn off screen brightness, toggle wireless, and toggle SHE to reduce power consumption.


The built-in webcam works with the uvcvideo module, as per instructions in Webcam setup, if only a bit laggy.


Suspend works as of kernel version 2.6.34. The power management applet takes care of the power button, sleep Fn+F1 button, and the lid close events. The acpi-eeepc-generic functions conflict with these, for example causing the laptop to go to sleep twice upon sleep button press. If you want to keep acpi-eeepc-generic to handle volume buttons etc., but want to prevent these conflicts, edit /etc/conf.d/acpi-eeepc-generic.conf to comment out the COMMANDS_SLEEP and the COMMANDS_POWER_BUTTON lines, and put in "no" for COMMANDS_ON_LID_CLOSE.

With kernel 3.1.x, suspend causes kernel panic. A workaround, described here, is to make a new file /etc/pm/config.d/rtl8192se-workaround with this content: