Acer Aspire One

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Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad Yes
Keyboard Yes
Video Yes
Webcam Yes
Ethernet Yes
Card reader Yes
Audio Yes
Wireless Yes


Letting the BIOS regulate the cpu fan results in a noisy monster of a netbook. You can override the default fan settings by using either acerhdf (recommended method) or acerfand (not recommended) based on two scripts.


The acerhdf kernel module regulates the fan in a performant and secure way.

From kernel 2.6.31 on the acerhdf module is provided inside the kernel tree. Therefore it comes precompiled with the linux, linux-one and linux-one-dev packages.

options acerhdf verbose=0 fanon=67000 fanoff=62000 interval=10 kernelmode=1

Or, to make the fan be more active and cool the AAO more, but make more noise:

options acerhdf verbose=0 fanon=62000 fanoff=52000 interval=10 kernelmode=1

The module option "kernelmode=1" automatically activates acerhdf's function.

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