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Server Information

Server address

Server purpose

  • is an attempt to create a unified build environment for Arch Linux

Development tools

  • makechrootpkg - uses a modified version of the standard makechrootpkg implementation that adds queueing and integrated architecture selection.
  • chrootupdate - Allows the update of all supported chroots by an otherwise unprivileged user.
  • chrootstatus - CLI version of the status indicator on the website.
  • unlock - Allows the removal of stale lockfiles by otherwise unprivileged users.
  • Users may set the makepkg.conf PACKAGER variable by creating a file called .packager in their home directory. Whatever is included on the first line of that file will replace the default packager ( Build Server).
  • Everything else falls under the standard devtools suite

Server admin

  • Ionut Biru (ioni/wonder)

Gaining access

If you need access to the build server, please send me an email at with [Build Server] in the subject line.