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Add or update packages

Run db-update to release all packages that are found in your ~/staging directory. Packages for different repositories and architectures will be updated at once. A simple integrity check is run before any repository is touched.

Remove packages

Use db-remove with the following parameters to remove a package from a given repository:

db-remove <pkgname|pkgbase> <repo> <arch>

Note that pkgname is the name defined in the PKGBUILD and not the actual filename. For split packages, you need to use pkgbase to remove all split packages at once. (It's not possible to remove just a single one.)


db-remove lilo core i686

Move packages

db-move uses the following syntax to move packages between repositories:

db-move <repo-from> <repo-to> <pkgname|pkgbase> ...

You may move more than one package by simply appending them to the command. Use the pkgbase for split packages. All packages of all architectures are moved in one step.


db-move testing extra php lighttpd apache

Moving packages from [testing] to [core] and [extra]

As moving several packages from [testing] to the repo they belong to is a common use case; especially after rebuilds. Use testing2x to move these packages to the correct repository. Of course, this will only work if previous version of those packages are already in [core] or [extra]


testing2x lilo php lighttpd apache zlib

This will move lilo and zlib to [core] and the other packages to [extra]. You should prefer db-move if you are sure that all packages to be moved have the same target repository.

Cleanup old packages

Old versions of packages are not removed by the scripts mentioned above. This cleanup is done regularly by a cron job called ftpdir-cleanup.