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Arch Linux is constantly rebuilding core and extra packages and has a status page. This page contains a status of bad packages and what needs to be fixed.



  • A rebuild is required for all packages build with pacman < 5.2 to resolve file order issues and a btrfs size bug. For the file order issue the affecting extra packages can be found running the following one liner on a mirror directory:
for i in /srv/ftp/extra/os/x86_64/*.pkg.tar.??; do
   bsdtar -tf $i | grep "^\." > pkg-order
   sort pkg-order > sort-order
   if ! diff pkg-order sort-order &>/dev/null; then
     echo $i;
   rm pkg-order sort-order

File order rebuild FTBFS


Packages with JAR files

JARs include a modification timestamp for each file, making them unreproducible. Depending on the build system, there are different solutions available for this.


Currently has no support for reproducible builds, see the upstream feature request.


Should support reproducible builds out of the box.


Supports the property that can be set to a fixed timestamp. Recent versions of Maven plugins respect this property to create reproducible artefacts. The property should be set in the project's pom.xml file, if upstream does not already do this, you can define it at compile time using a command like

mvn"$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH" clean package

It might be necessary to patch the project's pom.xml to update plugins to a more recent version with support for reproducible builds, see the Maven guide to reproducible builds for the minimum required versions and more information like additional necessary configuration options.

Example package (including a patch for a Maven plugin version update): junit-system-rules.

OpenJDK jar command

The builtin OpenJDK jar program will support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH starting with OpenJDK version 15.


As a last resort, strip-nondeterminism from Debian is able to strip unreproducible metadata like file timestamps from a variety of file types, including JARs. It is not a cure-all (e.g. build systems might include additional unreproducible metadata in the JAR manifest, strip-nondeterminism removes some, but not all of these) and should only be used as a last resort if no native support for reproducible builds is available:

strip-nondeterminism --timestamp "$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH"

KDE Kdeveloper project files

KDE creates Package App template .tar.bz2 files which tar files and userid is different when reproducing with repro which might be a bug in repro.

The cmake file which generates the issue.

Doxygen documentation build with graphviz-2.44.0-2

graphviz lacked a dependency on libpng, making PNG generation unavailable in dot as graphviz was installed before libpng was available and therefore not marking it as to be dlopen'd. All packages which depend on doxygen for generation documentation and with the following diff require a rebuild.

│ │ --rw-r--r--   0 root         (0) root         (0)    20234 2020-05-16 12:32:36.000000 usr/share/doc/grantlee/classGrantlee_1_1Parser.html
│ │ --rw-r--r--   0 root         (0) root         (0)      265 2020-05-16 12:32:36.000000 usr/share/doc/grantlee/
│ │ --rw-r--r--   0 root         (0) root         (0)       32 2020-05-16 12:32:36.000000 usr/share/doc/grantlee/classGrantlee_1_1Parser__inherit__graph.md5
│ │ --rw-r--r--   0 root         (0) root         (0)     3136 2020-05-16 12:32:36.000000 usr/share/doc/grantlee/classGrantlee_1_1Parser__inherit__graph.png
│ │ +-rw-r--r--   0 root         (0) root         (0)    19961 2020-05-16 12:32:36.000000 usr/share/doc/grantlee/classGrantlee_1_1Parser.html
│ │ +-rw-r--r--   0 root         (0) root         (0)      598 2020-05-16 12:32:36.000000 usr/share/doc/grantlee/


Package Issue Solution/Patch Assignee Solved
linux Signed modules none none No
linux-docs lots of issues - ordering, linking, ... none none No
linux-headers /usr/lib/modules/*/build/vmlinux diff[dead link 2021-11-15 ⓘ] none none No
linux-lts as for linux none none No
linux-lts-docs as for linux-docs none none No
linux-lts-headers as for linux-headers none none No


Package Issue Solution/Patch Assignee Solved
amdvlk many differences in usr/lib/ none none No
ant .jar file differences none none No
ant-doc lots of timestamps (javadoc), and .zip file difference none none No
asymptote Dates in html and info. PDF document differences (dates?) none none No
autogen Timestamp in man pages, sr/share/autogen/libopts-42.1.17.tar.gz with different file ownership, and a small binary change in usr/bin/autogen need export MAN_PAGE_DATE=... and configure --enable-timeout=70 none No
bigloo uname and timestamps all over the place none none No
breezy reproducible with both repro and makechrootpkg tooling issue? none No
clisp ip address; timestamps in ps docs, likely much more none none No
deluge .pyc file, .egg files none none No
doxygen-docs lots of pdfs with differences none none No
ecl uname, timestamp, gzip, lots of other binary differences none none No
eclipse-ecj .jar file none none No
efitools /usr/share/efitools/efi/LockDown.efi has binary differences none none No
efl lots of binary differences none none No
emacs binary differences in usr/bin/emacs none none No
firefox It is firefox; PGO? none none No
libbluray file attribute(?) differences in usr/share/java/{libbluray{,-awt}-j2se-1.2.0.jar none none No
libgtop uname in /usr/bin/libgtop_server2 none none No
libmp4v2 timestamp in usr/include/mp4v2/project.h & usr/lib/ none none No
lirc timestamp in yaml files, usr/share/lirc/lirc-0.10.1.tar.gz has lots of timestamp differences, repro causes poll() detection issue not found in makerepropkg patch none No
r Lots of timestamps in files, gzip timestamps, randomly(?) generated paths in /tmp/, binary differences... none none No
zabbix-agent2 Timestamp in /usr/bin/zabbix_agent2 none none No


Package Issue Solution/Patch Assignee Solved
lib32-keyutils Binary includes build date proposed none No