Lenovo IdeaPad G580

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Reason: This whole page is basically just a sales pitch (Discuss in Talk:Lenovo IdeaPad G580#)

The 15.6" Lenovo G580 laptop PC combines top notch essentials – such as cutting-edge 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i Series processors – with a price you can afford. This ideal entry-level PC also boasts solid multimedia features like stereo speakers, HD visuals and the latest Intel® HD Graphics.


A basic Arch Linux installation will do just fine for about everything except network cards. No custom kernel needed. However, for network cards you need to install following packages:


G580 is one of those laptop with hybrid technology, Using Nvidia 610m and Intel® HD Graphics 4000, manually Intel HD graphic works like a charm! if you want to use Nvidia graphic card you have to install nvidia and nvidia-utils drivers. for switching between graphic cards you need bumblebee and bbswitch follow NVIDIA article for more information.


To see additional sources of power drain, install powertop from official repositories. And run it while on battery power.

See Powertop for more information.