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Lomoco is a small program for some Logitech mice, for configuring resolution and other settings.

Note: Not all Logitech mice need lomoco, some of them already have the right settings out-of-the-box and other are still not supported!


Install the lomocoAUR package.

Warning: This software stopped being updated 10 years ago, will give segmentation fault using for instance a G502 mouse


Notes on Usage

Lomoco has to be run with root-privileges. Otherwise it returns a segmentation fault.

Finding Mouse Information

To list all Lomoco-supported mice found on your system:

$ lomoco -s

Here an output as example:

lomoco -s
004.002: 046d:c01b MX310 Optical Mouse (M-BP86) Caps: RES 
004.001: 1d6b:0001 Not a Logitech device
001.001: 1d6b:0002 Not a Logitech device
002.001: 1d6b:0002 Not a Logitech device
003.001: 1d6b:0001 Not a Logitech device

We found a supported mouse; we know that this mouse supports 800 cpi (this information can be found on the box or on the page dedicated to this mouse on the logitech site) but without configuration its resolution is at 400 cpi, you can see the current settings with:

# lomoco -i

Testing the Configuration

Let us set its resolution to 800 cpi with:

# lomoco -8

or with:

# lomoco --800

If your mouse support a different resolution or other settings read

$ lomoco --help

for other info.

The mouse is now configured this is ouput of "lomoco -i" after changing cpi.

lomoco -i
004.002: 046d:c01b MX310 Optical Mouse (M-BP86) Caps: RES 
	Resolution (RES): 800 cpi
	USB Mouse Polling Interval:  10ms
Note: The mouse is now configured but these settings are not persistent and will be reset on the next reboot; read the next section for making them persistent.

Making the Configuration Persistent

Just edit /etc/udev/lomoco_mouse.conf with the desired options, here an example for this mouse:

# Possible Resolutions Are: 400 800 1200 1600 2000

# SmartScroll/Cruise Control (SMS command set): yes or no