MSI Modern 15 A11M

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Reason: Some PCI/USB IDs missing, the "Function Key" section is missing. (Discuss in Talk:MSI Modern 15 A11M)
Hardware PCI/USB ID Working?
Touchpad 04f3:30aa Yes
Keyboard Yes
GPU 8086:9a49 Yes
Webcam 5986:211c Yes
Bluetooth 8087:0026 Yes
SD-card reader 10ec:525a Yes
Audio 8086:a0c8 Yes
Wireless 8086:a0f0 Yes


Secure Boot needs to be disabled at first startup and after UEFI updates. Append intel-ucode and intel-media-driver to pacstrap.


fwupd supports listing :

  • Elan Touchpad
  • NVM Express Solid State Drive (Kingston)
  • UEFI

Install upd72020x-fwAUR for module xhci_pci. See Mkinitcpio#Possibly missing firmware for module XXXX.

Secure Boot functions well with custom keys, make sure to disable automatic reverting to factory keys.


This laptop requires firmware in order for the soundcard to work. See Advanced Linux Sound Architecture#ALSA firmware.


The BIOS interface is keyboard driven and does not require the use of a mouse.


Fan control can be tuned by installing iswAUR.

Configuration entry for Modern 15 A11M is missing, and needs to be added manually (PR:

# A11M-217XIT
# 1552EMS1.1071023
address_profile = MSI_ADDRESS_DEFAULT
fan_mode = 140
cpu_temp_0 = 50
cpu_temp_1 = 58
cpu_temp_2 = 65
cpu_temp_3 = 70
cpu_temp_4 = 90
cpu_temp_5 = 95
cpu_fan_speed_0 = 45
cpu_fan_speed_1 = 58
cpu_fan_speed_2 = 65
cpu_fan_speed_3 = 72
cpu_fan_speed_4 = 80
cpu_fan_speed_5 = 85
cpu_fan_speed_6 = 100
gpu_temp_0 = 50
gpu_temp_1 = 60
gpu_temp_2 = 70
gpu_temp_3 = 82
gpu_temp_4 = 90
gpu_temp_5 = 93
gpu_fan_speed_0 = 0
gpu_fan_speed_1 = 50
gpu_fan_speed_2 = 65
gpu_fan_speed_3 = 72
gpu_fan_speed_4 = 80
gpu_fan_speed_5 = 85
gpu_fan_speed_6 = 100

To activate a personalized profile, you need to set the value 0xd4 to 64. You can set your profile adding to autostart the following two lines (PR:

# isw -w 1552EMS1
# isw -s 0xd4 64

To autostart you can also use the provided isw@.service, but you will need use a drop-in snippet:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/isw -w %I -s 0xd4 64

Then start/enable isw@1552EMS1.service.


Toggle Fn key always on with Fn+Esc. The keyboard backlight works properly. The LEDs on the F1 (Audio mute) and F5 (Microphone status) keys do not work.

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