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Certain websites provide web feeds or news feeds in RSS, Atom, or JSON format. News aggregators can check these feeds for updates allowing the user to subscribe to a blog or podcast.

Obtaining web feeds

Even if a website does not advertise a web feed, it might still provide one. Try appending /feed or /rss to the URL. If that fails, open the website's source code by pressing Ctrl+u and then Ctrl+f to search for <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" or <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml". The Firefox addon Awesome RSS adds a clickable icon to the address bar if a web feed is available.

If a website does not provide a feed, try RSS-Bridge.

The following sections describe how to obtain feeds for certain websites.

Arch Linux


Commits feeds use the following syntax:



Reddit provides feeds for subreddits, posts and users: simply add .rss to the URL. If you have a Reddit account, you can find your personal feeds in the preferences.


Twitter does not provide feeds but Nitter[dead link 2024-03-03 ⓘ] does. The syntax is as follows:



Subscribe to a channel:


If the channel has a legacy URL ending in /user/username, you can also use:


You can download your subscriptions list from Google Takeout and convert it to OPML using [1].