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Reason: Upstream appears abandoned but apparently there is a slightly newer fork?[1] (Discuss in Talk:Sonerezh)

Sonerezh is a self-hosted, web-based application for streaming your music everywhere.


Install sonerezh-gitAUR. You will need a database (e.g. MariaDB) and a web server (like Nginx) with PHP support. You may refer following sites:


In /etc/php/php.ini, uncomment extension=gd and set your timezone as described in PHP#Configuration.

In this configuration, we will configure the Nginx web server to serve Sonerezh on localhost in the root location without SSL enabled (even though it is recommended to use it with SSL). First, place a copy of the Sonerezh Nginx configuration.

Copy /usr/share/doc/sonerezh/example_nginx_vhost.conf to /etc/webapps/sonerezh/nginx.conf.

Replace the domain name and reference this configuration file in the main nginx.conf:


http {
    include /etc/webapps/sonerezh/nginx.conf;

Here is an example on how you could setup a database for Sonerezh with MariaDB called sonerezh for the user sonerezh identified by the password sonerezh:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON sonerezh.* TO sonerezh@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'sonerezh';

Do not forget to restart your services (nginx.service and php-fpm.service).

Visit the installation wizard page at http://sonerezh.localhost/install and follow the instructions.