SonyEricsson samba sharing

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Reason: rc.d is not used anymore since systemd was introduced (Discuss in Talk:SonyEricsson samba sharing#)

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Reason: Supported phones run Symbian which is long dead. (Discuss in Talk:SonyEricsson samba sharing#)

You can have acess to Sony Ericsson phones and phone cards via samba sharing. It works even with old firmware and you have still full functional phone, not like USB mass storage mode.

Supported phones

  • Se C702

Set up phone

  • Settings > Connectivity > USB > USB network > USB Network type > Via Computer
  • Settings > Connectivity > Network sharing > set up name and password
  • Settings > Connectivity > Sreaming settings > Connect using > USB Ethernet (set ip adress eg., mask
  • Settings > Connectivity > Sreaming settings > Connect using > USB Ethernet > Allow local connection > Yes

Set up computer

  • You must have installed Samba.
  • start samba:
# /etc/rc.d/samba start
  • plug in phone in Phone Mode
  • set IP for phone:
# ip link set dev usb0 address
  • now you should be able to ping your phone
$ ping
  • in eg. Konqueror you can browse phone by entering

enter name and password you choosed in phone