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Touchpad, Two Finger Scroll

I have an EeePC 1201T with Slackware. First there were some problems with TwoFingerScroll but now I think I found out, how to get it running. My question is: Does TwoFingerScroll work out of the box with Arch?


For me it worked right out of the box, but I haven't tried to configure other gestures (zoom out, zoom in &c.) Espinafre

Wireless, WPA2

Restored info on older, Realtek's own driver, for those who have problems with the Linux native driver. WPA2 works flawlessly for me, but the older info might be useful for those who can't make WPA2 work. Better try that than needlessly use an unsecured wireless network.

On the other hand, NetworkManager has some issues regarding authentication. I use the KDE applet, YMMV, but it's not a driver issue, it's a NetworkManager issue. See elsewhere in this wiki on how to configure wireless.


On the openSUSE mailinglist Greg Kroah-Hartman, one of the Kernel developers said that it's not a good idea to use acpi_osi=Linux. Here's the mail: Perhaps you should remove the info about it from the article, what do you think?