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RAM Speed

The RAM speed documented in this page is 1066Mhz, but when I bought it came with 1GB 1333Mhz and I currently use 2GB 1333Mhz. I suppose it should be changed to "1333Mhz" -- josephgbr (Aug 10)

  • No objections, so I changed to "Up to" 1333Mhz speed. -- josephgbr (Dec 24 2012)

HDD Important Issue

This page only mentions WD hard drives and the problem with them. On looking at my own 1015PN-PU27 it appears it shipped with a Seagate HDD, which has the same problem. I'm still looking into a solution. -- MystX (Nov 05)

  • No solution reported here? Maybe you have a Seagate because you got a customized hardware where you bought. Mine had the same WD HDD mentioned in page. -- josephgbr (Dec 24 2012)