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theShell is a desktop environment written using the Qt toolkit.


The stable version can be obtained by installing theshellAUR.

theShell also has an unstable and untested version called "blueprint", which is theshell-blueprintAUR.


Use ts-startsession in an X session to start theShell. Or use a display manager and use theShell as the session.


Pressing the "Adjust Screen Resolution" nothing happens...

Make sure kscreen and the kde-cli-tools are installed.[1]

For more questions, see theShell issues.

Tips and tricks

Stable version installed with "blueprint" version

theShell and theShell Blueprint can be installed together. Just rename the binary and initialization script (a good name is theshell-b and init-theshell-b), put them in your binaries folder, rename the .desktop file, change it to start the new initialization script and put it in your xsessions folder.

Use a different window manager

In theShell settings, under the Danger category, enter the command to start the window manager in Window Manager Command.