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The Trusted Users serve the following purposes:

  1. Maintain packages in the extra repository.
  2. Maintain, manage, and watch over the operation of the AUR.

How do I become a TU?

The minimum requirements to becoming a TU are as follows:

  • know basic shell scripting
  • maintain a few packages in AUR with clean, high-quality PKGBUILDs
  • basic community involvement (mailing list, forums, IRC)
  • know Google-Fu
  • a general idea of the kind of packages you want to maintain (basically, why do you want to become TU?)

Even though you could become a TU by merely fulfilling those minimum requirements, the people judging you during the standard voting procedure might expect more from you. Such as:

  • involvement in the bug tracker (reporting, research, info)
  • patches for Arch projects
  • involvement in a few open-source projects (even if they are your own)

If you still feel up to becoming a TU after reading these lines, the first step is to find two TUs who agree to sponsor you. Once sponsored, you should write a witty application signed with your GPG key to the aur-general mailing list.

Note: Should a TU you contact decline to sponsor your application, you should make this fact known if you seek sponsorship from another TU.

For more information, see the Trusted User Bylaws and AUR Trusted User guidelines.

Active Trusted Users


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