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Setting up Winfast 2000XP Tvcard

Tvcards are all very similar to setup. This document shows you how to setup a "Winfast 2000XP Tvcard". Other cards should be similar, and should follow the same basic premise.

Edit the /etc/modules.conf file Add in:

# /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf (for v2.6 kernels)
# card ...... that setting is "34"
# tuner ..... that setting is "43"

alias char-major-81     bttv
options bttv card=34
options bttv tuner=43

Reboot and it should now work with kdetv or tvtime.

Finding the right card number

Below is a list of cards and their respective numbers

0 - AutoDetect
2 - Hauppauge old
3 - ST
4 - Intel
5 - Diamond DTV2000
6 - AVerMedia TVPhone
7 - MATRIX-Vision MV-Delta
8 - Fly Video II
9 - TurboTV
10 - Hauppauge new (bt878)
11 - MIRO PCTV pro
12 - ADS Technologies Channel Surfer TV
13 - AVerMedia TVCapture 98
14 - Aimslab VHX
15 - Zoltrix TV-Max
16 - Pixelview PlayTV (bt878)
17 - Leadtek WinView 601
18 - AVEC Intercapture
19 - LifeView FlyKit w/o Tuner
20 - CEI Raffles Card
21 - Lucky Star Image World ConferenceTV
22 - Phoebe Tv Master + FM
23 - Modular Technology MM205 PCTV, bt878
24 - Askey/Typhoon/Anubis Magic TView CPH051/061 (bt878)
25 - Terratec/Vobis TV-Boostar
26 - Newer Hauppauge WinCam (bt878)
27 - MAXI TV Video PCI2
28 - Terratec TerraTV+
29 - Imagenation PXC200
30 - FlyVideo 98
31 - iProTV
32 - Intel Create and Share PCI
33 - Terratec TerraTValue
34 - Leadtek WinFast 2000
35 - Chronos Video Shuttle II
36 - Typhoon TView TV/FM Tuner
37 - PixelView PlayTV pro
38 - TView99 CPH063
39 - Pinnacle PCTV Rave
40 - STB2
41 - AVerMedia TVPhone 98
42 - ProVideo PV951
43 - Little OnAir TV
44 - Sigma TVII-FM
45 - MATRIX-Vision MV-Delta 2
46 - Zoltrix Genie TV
47 - Terratec TV/Radio+ 

Finding the right Tuner number

Below is a list of Tuners and their respective numbers.

tuner=n type of tuner chip

tuner=0 Temic PAL (4002 FH5) tuner=1 Philips PAL_I (FI1246 and compatibles) tuner=2 Philips NTSC (FI1236,FM1236 and compatibles) tuner=3 Philips (SECAM+PAL_BG) (FI1216MF, FM1216MF, FR1216MF) tuner=4 NoTuner tuner=5 Philips PAL_BG (FI1216 and compatibles) tuner=6 Temic NTSC (4032 FY5) tuner=7 Temic PAL_I (4062 FY5) tuner=8 Temic NTSC (4036 FY5) tuner=9 Alps HSBH1 tuner=10 Alps TSBE1 tuner=11 Alps TSBB5 tuner=12 Alps TSBE5 tuner=13 Alps TSBC5 tuner=14 Temic PAL_BG (4006FH5) tuner=15 Alps TSCH6 tuner=16 Temic PAL_DK (4016 FY5) tuner=17 Philips NTSC_M (MK2) tuner=18 Temic PAL_I (4066 FY5) tuner=19 Temic PAL* auto (4006 FN5) tuner=20 Temic PAL_BG (4009 FR5) or PAL_I (4069 FR5) tuner=21 Temic NTSC (4039 FR5) tuner=22 Temic PAL/SECAM multi (4046 FM5) tuner=23 Philips PAL_DK (FI1256 and compatibles) tuner=24 Philips PAL/SECAM multi (FQ1216ME) tuner=25 LG PAL_I+FM (TAPC-I001D) tuner=26 LG PAL_I (TAPC-I701D) tuner=27 LG NTSC+FM (TPI8NSR01F) tuner=28 LG PAL_BG+FM (TPI8PSB01D) tuner=29 LG PAL_BG (TPI8PSB11D) tuner=30 Temic PAL* auto + FM (4009 FN5) tuner=31 SHARP NTSC_JP (2U5JF5540) tuner=32 Samsung PAL TCPM9091PD27 tuner=33 MT20xx universal tuner=34 Temic PAL_BG (4106 FH5) tuner=35 Temic PAL_DK/SECAM_L (4012 FY5) tuner=36 Temic NTSC (4136 FY5) tuner=37 LG PAL (newer TAPC series) tuner=38 Philips PAL/SECAM multi (FM1216ME MK3) tuner=39 LG NTSC (newer TAPC series) tuner=40 HITACHI V7-J180AT tuner=41 Philips PAL_MK (FI1216 MK) tuner=42 Philips 1236D ATSC/NTSC tuner=43 Philips NTSC MK3 (FM1236MK3 or FM1236/F) tuner=44 Philips 4 in 1 (ATI TV Wonder Pro/Conexant) tuner=45 Microtune 4049 FM5


The TLG2300 is a device that supports analog and digital TV, also includes an FM receiver. It is identified with the following device id:

$ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 007: ID 1b24:4001

The TLG2300 driver is called poseidon. It should be automatically loaded, but you need to get the firmware first and put it under /lib/firmware. The file is called tlg2300_firmware.bin and can be obtained from the Windows drivers.

user@machine:~$ stat /lib/firmware/tlg2300_firmware.bin 
  File: `/lib/firmware/tlg2300_firmware.bin'
  Size: 52748     	Blocks: 112        IO Block: 4096   regular file
Device: 801h/2049d	Inode: 12820901    Links: 1
Access: (0600/-rw-------)  Uid: (    0/    root)   Gid: (    0/    root)

To test the analog TV with VLC, /dev/video1 is the v4l video device in my case, hw:1,0 is the audio output, NTSC standard, and the frequencies are obtained from mplayer/stream/frequency.c file.

vlc v4l2:///dev/video1  :input-slave=alsa://hw:1,0 :v4l2-standard=3 :v4l2-tuner-frequency=513250

If you put this on your .asoundrc:

pcm.telegent {
	type hw
	card 1

You will be able to use

vlc v4l2:///dev/video1  :input-slave=alsa://telegent :v4l2-standard=3 :v4l2-tuner-frequency=513250

To add several channels you can create a play list with all the frequencies, and use Next and Previous to change through them.


Kworld PlusTV Analog PCI PVR 7131SE

This card is reported by lspci as:

01:0a.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7134/SAA7135HL Video Broadcast Decoder (rev 01)

The following line must be present in /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf:

options saa7134 card=59 tuner=56

See specifications.

Kworld PCI Analog TV Card Lite PVR-TV 7134SE

This card is reported by lspci as:

xx:xx.x Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7134/SAA7135HL Video Broadcast Decoder (rev 01)

The following must be present in /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf (or the file you like), I think you have to restart for the changes to take effect (couldn't reload the module manually):

options saa7134 card=63 tuner=43 

More info at

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