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#archlinux-wiki is the IRC channel on the Freenode network for ArchWiki. This channel is provided as a more quick-paced means to discuss wiki edits, as well as ask general questions about and surrounding ArchWiki.


Joining the channels requires an IRC client; see IRC for details. #archlinux-wiki has the channel mode set to +r, which means you need to be identified with NickServ.

#archlinux-wiki rules

The central topic for the channel is questions surrounding ArchWiki and its articles. General support questions should be asked on #archlinux or the Arch forums.

  • Always follow the three fundamental rules
Live discussions are not a replacement for proper edit summaries, or article discussion pages. Always follow ArchWiki:Contributing#The 3 fundamental rules.
Channel logs may be posted to article discussion pages, or summarized for later reference.
  • Stay polite and on-topic
Follow the Code of conduct and #archlinux rules.
  • Operators
ArchWiki:Administrators with a verified IRC account have operator rights, and are indicated as such in the channel (@nick). Administrators may appoint other operators to enforce the Code of conduct.


The channel bot phrik runs Limnoria, which is a modified version of supybot.

Link a wiki article in the channel using DuckDuckGo:

!daw article

Link a bug report:

!bug task_number