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This page is about the digital id software Bankid or BankID. The underlaying application of Bankid is Nexus Personal (, so the tips here is probably helpful for anyone trying to run other versions of Nexus Personal as well.


Install the nexuspersonalAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] package from the AUR.

Open source alternatives

The open source program Fribid is available in the AUR: fribidAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror].

Running Bankid in a virtual machine running Windows

If no other solution works, you can always install for example VirtualBox and run Bankid on a Windows virtual machine. It should work fairly out of the box with Windows XP on the guest. If you want to use a card-reader you have to add the user that runs Virtualbox (usually you) to the group vboxusers to be able to access the usb-connected card-reader. You can then add a usb-filter in the Virtualbox settings for the machine, so that the machine captures the card-reader automatically.