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Greenclip is a simple clipboard manager designed to be integrated with rofi and written in Haskell.


Install rofi-greenclipAUR from AUR.

To integrate the daemon start-up on boot is it possibile to create a service:

Description=Start greenclip daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/greenclip daemon


Enable the service to start at boot:

systemctl --user enable greenclip.service


  1. Spawn the daemon with /usr/bin/greenclip daemon or start/enable the service systemctl --user start greenclip.service
  2. Show entries as a list whithin rofi using: rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -show clipboard -run-command '{cmd}'
  3. The entry that you have selected will be in your clipboard now
  4. Configuration file is placed in ~/.config/greenclip.cfg
  5. To clear all clipboard history run greenclip clear

Configuration example

Config {
 maxHistoryLength = 250,
 historyPath = "~/.cache/greenclip.history",
 staticHistoryPath = "~/.cache/greenclip.staticHistory",
 imageCachePath = "/tmp/",
 usePrimarySelectionAsInput = False,
 blacklistedApps = [],
 trimSpaceFromSelection = True