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Greenclip is a simple clipboard manager designed to be integrated with rofi and written in Haskell.


Install the greenclipAUR package.


Spawn the daemon with /usr/bin/greenclip daemon or start/enable greenclip.service.

Show entries as a list within rofi using: rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -show clipboard -run-command '{cmd}'.

The entry that you have selected will be in your clipboard now.

Configuration file is placed in ~/.config/greenclip.toml.

To clear all clipboard history, run greenclip clear.


Unable to record clipboard on i3wm

Put the following in the i3 configuration file. No need to start the service. greenclip issue #70[dead link 2024-03-03 ⓘ]

# clipboard tool
exec --no-startup-id greenclip daemon>/dev/null
bindsym $mod+c exec --no-startup-id rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -show clipboard