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Greenclip is a simple clipboard manager designed to be integrated with rofi and written in Haskell.


Install the rofi-greenclipAUR package.

Start/enable the user unit greenclip.service.


  1. Spawn the daemon with /usr/bin/greenclip daemon or start/enable the user unit as mentioned in #Installation
  2. Show entries as a list within rofi using: rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -show clipboard -run-command '{cmd}'
  3. The entry that you have selected will be in your clipboard now
  4. Configuration file is placed in ~/.config/greenclip.toml
  5. To clear all clipboard history, run greenclip clear


Unable to record clipboard on i3wm

Put the following in the i3 configuration file. No need to start the service. greenclip issue #70

# clipboard tool
exec --no-startup-id greenclip daemon>/dev/null
bindsym $mod+c exec --no-startup-id rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -show clipboard