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Model version Arch Linux
install CD version
Hardware support Remarks
Video Sound Ethernet Wireless Bluetooth Power management Modem Other
Vaio VGN-C2Z Any 3D with nvidia driver Intel audio with ALSA Yes Yes, ipw3945 Modules look fine but due to lack of a Bluetooth client not tested Suspend-to-RAM with vanilla kernel & linux-ckAUR Untested Memory stick reader not tested Everything else (Fn Keys, DVDRW drive, Firewire...) works without a hitch
Vaio VGN-NR320FH 2008-06 Intel GMA965/X3100 (xf86-video-intel driver) Intel audio with ALSA Do not know, but works out-of-the-box Atheros AR5006EG/AR242x (madwifi No acpi_cpufreq, sony-laptop Untested Memory stick might work Fn keys with sony-laptop and sonypid. Using vga option in kernel line in GRUB might give problems with resolution. Pretty cool laptop, everything works out-of-the-box except Fn keys for which I needed to do some research.
Vaio SV-S1511X9E/B Any nouveau kernel module loads only with option config=NvBios=PLATFORM Intel audio with ALSA Yes Yes Yes Suspend-to-RAM perfect. Hibernate untested. Disk spindown untested. Untested